This American Life- Ties that Bind 12.14.07

another great episode Friday 12/14.07 .. very moving. i can always tell its a good one when i don’t want to get out of my car in the driveway until i’ve hooked up my pocket radio, just so i don’t miss anything!

Here the story that moved me most was Act2: Lucas and Sarah (listen here)

Act Two. Lucas and Sarah.

When Sarah was 10 years old, she got a heart transplant. Soon after, her mother decided to find out more about the person who saved her daughter’s life. She discovers the donor was a little boy her daughter’s age, and that he’d been murdered by gang members who mistook him for his older brother. The two families begin to connect—everyone but Sarah, who’s not at all sure she wants to know anything at all about the boy or the family that lost him. Reporter Jill Wolfson tells the story. (21 minutes)


transplants illuminate the real ties that bind us all- the human material- organs- that are the substance and lifeblood of us all, and our mortality together and our own mortalities respectively. what if we all loved the next person as if they were our own, as if they were cut from the same cloth or as if they had a piece of our loved ones helping them to stay alive?


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