Lost Boy Survivor Dies in Iraq- npr story

survived one long war to die in someone else’s…. was working to bring wife to US. got a job as a translator in Iraq. tragic

NPR : Lost Boy Survivor Dies in Iraq

‘Lost Boy’ Survivor Dies in Iraq


Beer Ayuel immigrated to Atlanta from war-torn Sudan. He died 17 days after arriving in Iraq to work as a translator. Courtesy International Rescue Committee



Beer Ayuel

All Things Considered, September 27, 2007 · A man who survived a civil war in Sudan died working as a translator for the U.S. Army in Iraq. Beer Ayuel spent several years in Atlanta before “The Lost Boys” were resettled here.

The young men, including Ayuel, escaped war in Sudan by wandering the countryside for years. Ayuel was a leader in the Sudanese community in Atlanta. He recently became a U.S. citizen and married his long-time fiancee. He died after spending only 17 days in Iraq.


—–Lost Boys’ of Sudan Tell Their Story

Lost Boys’ of Sudan Tell Their Story
Tell Me More, July 26, 2007 · Thousands of children were orphaned and displaced by the Sudanese civil war in the 1980s. Many children survived a gruesome 1,000-mile walk to get to the closest refugee camp. John Majok, one of the children from that journey, talks about survival and the power of love.


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