DISPATCH for Zimbabwe

The Dispatch concert in NYC at the Madison Square Garden on SATURDAY NIGHT 7-14-07 was amazing! completely. All of them (Braddigan, Chetro, rePete) rocking it out all night. Hatch Shell in 2004 was amazing, but with the enclosure of MSG, where there’s not a bad seat in the house– Dispatch shut it down! Hopefully they put out a DVD or video download. I took some video on my camera (no sound though!..but i’ll make something of it) but at least i can remember how crazy awesome it all was! ***and hopefully they do a reunion show every few years! ***

This was for charity— all proceeds to benefit the people and children of Zimbabwe (here’s why) The story of Elias and his family were points that allowed us into the whole dialogue of how vitally important these issues are NOW AT THIS TIME– and how we can make a difference.

Hopefully Dispatch fans and the ONE campaign, and the (RED) campaign, and all of the other great organizations bringing a light to poverty and to HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria around the world—-hopefully they can continue to move people to do great things. Music moves people. rock on U2 and Dispatch. rock it out.
setlist Saturday July 14, 2007:

1. Here We Go

2. Time Served

3. What Do You Want to Be

4. Open Up

5. Riddle

6. Bullet Holes

7. Bang Bang

8. Ride A Tear

9. Passerby

10. Cover This

11. Mission

12. Questioned Apocalypse

13. Walk With You

14. Two Coins

15. Flying Horses

16. Past the Falls

17. Fallin’

18. Carry You

19. Lightning

20. Prince of Spades

21. Out Loud

22. Bats in the Belfrey

23. Elias

24. Cut It Match It

25. The General


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