What I think About Evolution

Raise your hand if you don’t “believe” in evolution. This was the question asked at a recent republican presidential debate. It was also asked in an Evolutionary Genetics class at Duke (we wrote our responses on semi-anonymous index cards). I have an almost visceral response to this kind of question. It assumes too much and plays on catch-phrases and lingo.   I mean, is evolution something to ‘believe’ in? is it another faith? is it ‘the faith of the scientists?’ is it the faith of the atheists? this is the road this question runs on– the road to Ignorance. Yes, you can hold firm at both ends of the spectrum and still be ignorant– even if it’s largely self-imposed.

It’s premise of course is that faith, purpose, science, and reason cannot coexist, that believing in the truths of one directly contradict those of the other. This is what they want you to believe. and by ‘they’ I mean the fanatics on BOTH sides.   Sam Brownback wrote this in the NYT after that debate. there are some other good writings out there that i will post when i get to it.

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What I Think About Evolution

Published: May 31, 2007

I believe wholeheartedly that there cannot be any contradiction between faith and reason.


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