nyt article today- DNA Tests Offer Immigrants Hope or Despair

dna-tests-offer-immigrants-hope-or-despair-nyt article 4/10/07

wow this was pretty moving;

i understand why we do this, because if there were laxity to the definition of primary family one could bring more people to the US than is legally allowed, and there would be no way to regulate it.

but there must be some other way. Perhaps restricting immigration to legally recognized children; (i.e. legally recognized guardians in their country). DNA won’t take adoptions into account, either.

I mean, who came up with this?? on some level it is a bit inhumane as well. these are living people, not forensic evidence. These people have lived as families for years, and this statute presents itself as formally invalidating these real lives and relationships when in fact they are still as real as the people living them. That these results can thwart dreams that people have been working for for years all due to something that cannot be changed; when the results mean the hope of a life in the US versus separation from known family and being left behind, this is inhumane.


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