u2 lyric hunt

instead of getting some work done tonight i spent 3 hours on the U2 lyric hunt — they put lyrics with highlighted letters on websites all over the world and we’re supposed to collect the letters to form the answer to a question. the question is “Where shall we go?”

what was fun was trying to figure out what the words were on the norweigian, dutch, danish, and swiss sites.

here’s to entering another U2 contest!!!- it’s to win a trip to their final concert of the Vertigo tour in Hawaii!

——that was fun!

can’t wait until this album drops on 11/20/06  there’s also a cd+dvd set that has all the videos to the singles.  AND the MUSIC RISING single with Green Day (The Saints Are Coming) is great. and the video is excellent- it shows what should have happened during Katrina if not for…. well like i said November is coming up.  even if it is 2 years too early for relief


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