in a flash

I listened to this story last Thursday afternoon on npr.
after gangs and prison– this guy was turning his life around… and he was only 24.

48 hours after the interview aired he was dead
Former Gang Member Shot

HykiemHykiem Coney

On Thursday October 19, The Story aired an interview with Hykiem Coney. After a youth spent in gangs and prison, Hykiem had turned his life around. He was a minister in training with the anti-gang group HEVN and was speaking out against gang violence to his former friends and enemies.

Hykiem and his mentor, Bishop J. Raymond MackeyBishop Mackey and Hykiem Coney

Forty-eight hours after than interview aired, Hykiem was shot in the head. He is now on life support.

Dick talks with Bishop J. Raymond Mackey, the priest who Hykiem said saved his life. Bishop Mackey prayed with Hykiem just after midnight, before he was shot.
Dick also talks to Hykiem’s friend, Sergio Argueta. Sergio and Hykiem often spoke to teens about alternatives to violence, including a group at a high school last week. Yesterday, Sergio visited Hykiem in the hospital.


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