bridge jumping accident

i heard this story on NPR today about a 66 yo pioneer BASE jumper who jumped to his death at a festival on Saturday.

“145,000 spectators gathered near Fayetteville, W. Va., for 27th annual Bridge Day, to watch nearly 400 jumpers made about 800 leaps from the center of the span, free-fall for several seconds and then open their chutes for a soft landing, 876 feet below.

But this year’s festival at the New River Gorge Bridge turned tragic when 66-year-old pioneer jumper Brian Schubert, credited with making one of the first BASE jumps back in 1966, died after he failed to deploy his chute quickly enough and hit the river at the bottom of the gorge.

The event was briefly delayed after Schubert’s death, but soon jumpers resumed their radical descents into the gorge. It was the first Bridge Day death since 1987.”

read or listen to the whole story at: <>



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